9 ans 45 concours 9 projets – Arbeiten in Frankreich und Luxemburg

To work in France one must diverge from the common path. The "differentness", a typically non-German and yet positively occupied attribute, becomes the foundation for a large, creative candor, which is characteristic of the "french" designs of Auer Weber.

Patrick Lambert, French Architectural Historian

For the past 9 years, Auer Weber has been successfully active in french speaking countries. In this period of time, they have participated in several competitions with international colleagues and won many prizes. Currently seven projects in France and two in Luxemburg are in progress, which together with a selection of competitions will be presented in the exhibition. The body of work was exhibited in the Galerie d’ Architecture in Paris as well as the Architectural Gallery in Munich. The exhibition gives the visitor insight into the architects' international focus and utilizes working sketches and working models to inform the visitor about the architects methods of work.