Rehabilitation of Gasteig Cultural Centre in Munich

1st Prize


Our competition entry for the largest cultural centre in Europe presents itself to visitors in a clear and comprehensible form. It is urban fabric in itself, “a city within the city”, with buildings one willingly enters, with squares and paths one happily treads, and where one quickly has a good sense of orientation. The new appearance of the complex will be distinguished by permeability and cross-links rather than a feeling of fortification and heaviness. It should convey an air of openness, cultural inspiration and enthusiasm. To achieve this, central elements of the development – especially the striking volume of the Philharmonic Hall – will be sculpturally articulated. The latter will be enclosed in a facade of vertically folded metal sheeting, like a curtain, elevating the hall to a new emblem of the cultural centre.


48° 7' 55" N 11° 35' 26" W

Working process

Restricted competition, design and implementation


Rosenheimer Strasse 5, 81667 Munich


Gasteig München GmbH


Competition May 2018
Revised August 2018


Pro Eleven GmbH

Structural engineers

Mayr | Ludescher | Partner

Sound insulation/Spatial acoustics

Müller-BBM GmbH

Air-conditioning engineers

Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GmbH

Lighting planning

Pfarré Lighting Design

Control systems

Intégral Ruedi Baur

Fire protection

Kersken + Kirchner GmbH Beratende Ingenieure VBI, Munich

Landscape architects

grabner huber lipp, Freising

Design scheme

Conversion and rehabilitation of complex, including the reorganization of all concert halls, gastronomic facilities, municipal library, adult education centre and conservatoire