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Townhouse Bergisch Gladbach

The new town house and the new municipal library of Bergisch Gladbach are formed as two independent and self-confident building volumes. The Stadthaus with its public administrative uses develops along the S-Bahn tracks and Jakobstrasse in an elongated four-story structure structured by inner courtyards. The main access to the Stadthaus is reached via a new forecourt, which can form the gateway to the city center in the future. The new municipal library functions as a five-story, ashlar-shaped head building of the S-Bahn station. The library itself is accessed from the south via the Platz der Partnerstädte and can be reached from the north from the new "Stadthaus- Platz".     1st prize


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Non opened realization competition 


Bergisch Gladbach


Cityt Bergisch Gladbach




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