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Augustaanlage Mannheim

The basic structure and materiality of the new buildings in the quarter are clear, finely structured structures with an independent character, which develop in the form of four differently modeled structures from a common base level. The base level remains behind the building lines of the neighboring buildings along the Augustaanlage and forms a new representative square towards the future traffic-calmed Schleinermacherstraße. Gastronomic uses at this new "piazza" enliven the public space.

The maximum height development of the desired high point is oriented to the opposite high point of the "Jahn Building". The use of the four buildings in the new urban quarter responds to the immediate surroundings. The office buildings and the hotel are oriented towards the Augustaanlage and Schubertstraße, each with a clear address. The residential part of the quarter lies protected behind these.    3rd prize


Procedure type

Non opened realization competition 




12. ARGON Augusta 65-67 GmbH

Unica Immobilien GmbH

City Mannheim




Urban planning, Hotel, Office and housing