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Building 143 Daimler AG Untertürkheim

Along Benzstrasse, very large buildings dominate the appearance: the engine plant and the parking garage. This leads to the conviction that at this location and a large building 143 not significantly exceeding the height of the "factory horizon" of about 20 m with a flexible non-hierarchical office world is the right answer for the further development of the VAN - area. This approach allows the formulation of a unique open space on the roof with direct connection to the communication level of 129/10.



Stuttgart Untertürkheim


Daimler AG 

Specialist planner

Framework: Weischede Herrmann+Partner GmbH

Electric: Neher Butz GmbH, Konstanz

HVS: Schreiber Ingenieure GmbH, Stuttgart

Fire protection: Kuhn Decker GmbH, Sindelfingen

Building physics: Müller-BBM, Stuttgart

Kitchen planner: IB Marc Henne, Schwieberdingen




Office and management