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Harbour Park Waterfront Frankfurt

The new hotel building presents itself in its basic structure and materiality as a clear, delicate structure with an independent character. Its clear form is developed from the urban situation and the special geometry of the site. The highly transparent upper-story facades, together with the indented and twisted plaza floors in levels 11 and 12, the clearly legible spatial truss grid of the supporting structure in the uppermost floors, and the distinctive building undercut of the lower three levels, are the defining structuring elements.
The use of the building is clearly readable from the outside through the vertically structured facade. The horizontal layering of hotel and boardinghouse is clearly emphasized by the readable "open" joint of the plaza floors. The uses "Gastronomnie" and "Spa & Gym" located there thus become an integral part of the overall concept. A clear and reduced detailing stands for the timeless character of the building.

Procedure type

Non opened realization competition 




B&L Molenspitze Frankfurt Hotel GmbH & Co. KG