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Königstraße 51, Stuttgart

At a historically significant connection from the marketplace in the direction of Tübingen, the transition between Königstraße and Eberhardstraße, history is not legible. The goal is to create a building that will endure and create a fixed point in the urban fabric, independent of all changes in the neighborhood. This is not necessarily created by height, but by self-evident solidity and an appropriate proportion of closed wall surfaces. Its independence is strengthened by the design of a rectangular structure that projects slightly towards Königstrasse and detaches itself from the neighboring block. This corresponds to the historic layout of the city. The result is a building that shapes the site through its unpretentious order and enables future viability. 


3rd prize


Type of Procedure

limited design competition 


Stuttgart Mitte


Stinag Stuttgart Invest AG

Participating Planners

Transplan Technik-Bauplanung GmbH, Stuttgart

Kuhn Decker Ingenieure und Architekten, Böblingen

igr Ingenieure GmbH, Stuttgart




Office and commerce