New high-rise building at Bahnhofsplatz 2, Nuremberg

The "ERGO-Hochhaus" at Bahnhofsplatz 2 in Nuremberg no longer met modern standards in several respects. The aim, therefore, with a new building was to find an urban planning and architectural response appropriate to the site. Auer Weber's design envisages a building hybrid consisting of a street-side block and a solitary high-rise building. The latter is oriented towards the train station and its forecourt and is a self-assured counterpart to the new office and hotel complex Tafelhof Palais. The unit of block and high-rise building is based on a continuous system of 5.40m wide and 3.70m high facade modules. These consist of exposed concrete dyed in reddish tones. With the modular system, Auer Weber incorporates the prototypical division of the high-rise building into base, shaft and capital as inspired by the competition brief, as well as the colourfulness of the surrounding environment, which is characterised by bunter sandstone. Towards the inner courtyard, the modules – in accordance with the scale of the neighbouring buildings – slide out like drawers and form cascading, green outdoor terraces.

49° 26' 46" N 11° 4' 47" W

Competition procedure type

Restricted design competition





Victoria Lebensversicherung AG






Office building