New TÜV SÜD building in Filderstadt

The new office for TÜV SÜD is being built in Filderstadt next to a stream. Under the guiding principle of carefully linking city and landscape, three timber-framed buildings gently blend into their surroundings. A slightly curved landscape roof connects the individual components of the design and makes the TÜV SÜD office appear as a single unit. Due to their arrangement, the individual buildings can be accessed and used independently of each other, while at the same time spacious green recreational areas for employees are created in the spaces in between.


A cafeteria on the ground floor of the 6-storey office building, together with the meeting centre on the 1st floor, forms a central meeting point for employees within the building ensemble. Various meeting and event rooms as well as a barista bar divide up the first floor. Together with a connecting staircase, designed with inviting seating steps, they act as the communicative centre of the new TÜV SÜD Filderstadt office.

48° 40' 33" N 9° 11' 47" W


2nd Price

Restricted competition


TÜV SÜD AG, Munich




Auer Weber, Stuttgart


Loomn Architekturkommunikation

Outdoor facilities 

Grabner Huber Lipp Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner, Freising