JUNG Architecture Talk in conversation with Fritz, Moritz & Philipp Auer

The architectural office Auer Weber was founded in 1980 by Fritz Auer and Carlo Weber and is now in its second generation with 140 employees at 2 sites. Since it was founded, the professional and working world has changed immensely: Before the office was founded, when Fritz Auer and Carlo Weber were still working with Günter Behnisch and Frei Otto on the design of the Olympic Stadium in Munich, a simplified model created using pantyhose borrowed from Auer's wife was sufficient to win the architectural competition! Could it be built? That remained to be seen. Audacity and beauty were the maxims of the day when it came to urban development. Today, around 3,000 DIN standards, x recognised rules of technology and guidelines govern construction. Whereas in the past it was still possible to develop new solutions for individual construction tasks freely, today what counts are the expected returns and CO2 footprint of buildings. How does the pursuit of a value-oriented future change the way an office thinks and works? How can we once again bring forward more bold solutions? Fritz, Moritz and Philipp Auer discuss these and many more questions in the JUNG Architecture Talk Podcast with Dijane Slavic and Dr. Uwe Bresan. 


JUNG Architecture Talk - Fritz, Moritz & Philipp Auer: Common denominator


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