1st prize for high school in Cham

The design for the new four-class school draws on a clear urban attitude: the existing, listed building and the complementing buildings needed for the classrooms and central areas are going to be grouped together to form a compact volume within a future park-like terrain. The existing L-shaped building will be faced by a new, also L-shaped building and tied up with it into a ring by two “glass joints”. The eaves set the heights for the future extension. A graded, partly pergola-covered inner yard serves – different from the sports-centered schoolyards around the entrance and on the parking deck – as a restful schoolyard and outdoor area for the cafeteria. It is only the almost square school building with its inner yard that will materialize as a “built” volume, while the large volume of the sports hall and its secondary spaces will merge with the park in the form of stacked, landscaped plateaus, thus avoiding competition with the school building. (…)


The design idea for the urban development, excerpt from the explanatory notes to the competition entry