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1st Prize in Oberstdorf

Our design fits into the open building structure on the outskirts of Oberstdorf. The building volume is divided into a row of long houses with saddle roofs and staggered gables. Thus, the scale of the neighbourhood on one side and the silhouette of the impressive mountain scenery on the other could be adopted, and the building interlocks with the open space. A roof terrace with an infinity pool offers a special panoramic view of the mountains. The open-air area of the spa utilizes the existing topography to open up exciting and diverse areas for relaxation as well as activities.

We received the award together with the landscape architects Grabner Huber Lipp from Freising. Further award winners are the Augsburg office of Löhle Neubauer Architekten BDA (1st), Behnisch Architekten München (2nd) and asp Architekten, Stuttgart (4th).

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