2nd prize in Esslingen

The design for block D of the new Weststadt Esslingen, leaning on the urban master plan, is structured as a classical perimeter block. Two facing angled buildings define a generous courtyard. The three and four flats per floor define their addresses towards the urban square. Office areas populate the ground floor together with the daycare, being East-West oriented and accessed by the pedestrian area via the square, its adjacent ground floor public space is thereby well-lit. A generous offer of urban housing, mixing various flat sizes is created. The floor structures allow modest households. The larger flats fill the full width of the floors, allowing bedrooms to be oriented towards the quiet courtyard, and the structural framework allows a flexible, purposeful floor plans. All flats enjoy a loggia as an outside space. The materiality and structural themes are inspired by the early industrial façade designs of the existing Weststadt. A balanced relationship of walls and openings in the façades strengthens the homogeneity of the overall image, while a certain scale is define by the modular differentiation of ceilings, walls and glazed elements. The continuous warm, iridescent brickwork adds a timeless and robust character.