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Award of the DAM Prize 2023

Since 2007, the DAM Prize has been awarded annually for outstanding buildings in Germany. This year's award ceremony took place at DAM Ostend in Frankfurt on 27 January 2023. We are delighted that our project "Extension of Starnberg District Office" has been awarded the DAM Prize 2023. Peter Cachola Schmal (Director of the DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum), together with Christina Gräwe and York Forster (Deputy of this year's DAM Prize and curator team of the accompanying exhibition), guided the evening’s proceedings and introduced this year's award-winning buildings. Professor Fritz Auer, Project Manager Dominik Fahr, Daniela Sacher and Heinz Wendl (Construction Managers) as well as Starnberg District Administrator Stefan Frey jointly accepted the award.


The Deutsches Architekturmuseum writes: "The extension of the Starnberg District Office by Auer Weber impressed the jury. Ultimately what won them over was the harmony between the existing building and the extension. It is rare for an old and a new building to come together so harmoniously, not least because the same architects were at work here 35 years apart. Today, therefore, it takes a keen eye to spot where the existing buildings ends and the extension begins, which proven and valued attributes of the existing building have been continued, and where contemporary modernisation has taken place but with a new character still taking hold."


"I am delighted that the intensive work on the sustainable development of our government building has been honoured with this prestigious award for building culture," explains District Administrator Stefan Frey, who attended the award ceremony together with District Treasurer Stefan Pilgram, and Project Manager Hans-Michel Lemmer from the Starnberg District Office. "The District Office has been an open, welcoming place for everyone since the beginning. The courage and foresight to build in this way are rewarded not only with this prize, but with highly attractive places to work and spend time for decades to come," Frey continues.