Bridge Opening

The structure which has been built in collaboration with consulting engineers Mayr Ludescher, Stuttgart, is opened on June 1, 2017:

“There isn’t a thing more beautiful than a bridge that you can dedicate: ‚to build bridges‘ has per se a positive ring to it. It is not that easy, though: In the competition stage already there was a connection linking the two parts of the campus – but as the train tracks lie on a small embankment and are accompanied by some necessary bridges we were thinking of an underpass back then. Building on Bundesbahn premises invariably is quite challenging: it wasn’t possible to go for the underpass, so we started to search for the right position for the bridge: straight, with a connection to the parking garage in Dammstraße, or, as it is now, from the forum to the campus square, sporting a beautiful sweeping gesture. Then, of course, problems arose: the pylon sits exactly on a piece of land formerly owned by the Bundesbahn, the Bahn’s cables had to be moved to a lower level and the schedule fixed over a year in advance because the railroad had to be closed off in order to crane in the bridge; even the simple elevator towers turned out to be, at least for the company commissioned with the glazing, surprisingly difficult. (…)” Achim Söding