Competition Finalist for “Centre Omnisports de Moulon“, Paris-Saclay

Auer Weber is one of five architecture studios invited to submit a design proposal for the sports center at Université Paris-Saclay.


Paris-Saclay is an area south of Paris dedicated to research and commercial activities, which claims to be one of the world’s most significant innovation hubs. Leading high-tech companies reside here, as well as the Université Paris-Saclay (UPS), which was founded in 2014, reuniting 19 research and academic institutions which used to be scattered in many different locations, and pursuing very high academic standards.


The Plateau de Saclay, existing since the end of WW II and experiencing powerful periods of development especially in the 1970’s and since the millennium, is expected to be completed by 2020. The UPS is, according to current estimates, going to receive up to 15% of the available French research budget.


“Centre Omnisports de Moulon” complements the infrastructure of the research and academic facilities. Being a multifunctional sports complex, it comprises four sports halls, dancing and fitness halls, a climbing gym, spectator stands, covered tennis courts, and the usually required secondary rooms as well as the administration’s offices.