Coppa Oliva 2017

Coppa Oliva is held among ca. 20 teams every year, the first edition having taken place in 2001; in the games, the most renowned practices of the city fight for this much-coveted cup. It is traditionally organized by the victorious team of the previous year, so this time, it is Auer Weber’s turn. On June 22, the four groups, 24 teams in total, were drawn in our practice. On Saturday, July 15, 2017, they are going to compete in Munich Olympiapark in the grounds of FC Teutonia. After the tournament, teams, sponsors, and guests are invited to a celebration with music and the presentation of the cup to the winner. 

Coppa Oliva, a symbol of team spirit and Fair Play, and ever more popular among Munich's architecture practices since the first competition 16 years ago, is open to all who are interested.


Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017 Venue: FC Teutonia e.V., Schwere-Reiter-Straße 13, 80637 Munich