Exhibition in Dresden

Carlo Weber – Sketches and Drawings

Drawing, being the primary physical method of visually representing the intellectual process of designing, was an indispensable part of the reflections of the architect and university lecturer Carlo Weber (1934–2014). The scope of the exhibition ranges from small, abstract sketches and collages to large-scale depictions of architectural projects, e.g. the drawing of the entire complex of spectacular buildings for the Olympic Games in Munich of 1972. Carlo Weber's works dealing with projects in Dresden show his close relationship to this city, as there are the new building for the canteen of the Heeresoffiziersschule (academy for army officers) and the refurbishment of Lipsiusbau, the art exhibition hall on Brühlsche Terrasse. A documentation is dedicated to his teaching at TU Dresden, and a film by Corinne Rose, made for the TU Munich architecture museum (2014), allows an insight into the planning history of the Olympic Park. 

(Excerpt from: Invitation from the Saxon Academy of Arts)

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