Spatenstich - offizieller Baustellestart der Glemstalschule

Groundbreaking ceremony at the Glemstal School

We are pleased about the progress of the project Glemstal School for the communities of Schwieberdingen and Hemmingen. The existing school will be refurbished and also enlarged. On Thursday 19 May the start of construction was officially celebrated with the ground-breaking for the new extension building . All representative parties were present, the mayors of the two communities, the school headmistress, the responsible school board member, the regional manager of the construction company Goldbeck as well as our project team from Auer Weber.

Due to the presence of dwarf bats in the school, the renovation of the existing building will be postponed until autumn next year. Until then, the relocation is to be carried out as gently as possible with the help of the conservation authorities. In the meantime, the new building will be constructed as a modular system within the shortest possible time.


Further Information

Pausenhof der Glemstalschule in Schwieberdingen-Hemmingen
Eingangsbereich der Glemstalschule in Schwieberdingen-Hemmingen
die Glemstalschule Schwieberdingen-Hemmingen inmitten von Feldern