School Centre Obermenzing at the Architektouren 2022

June 25/26, 2022 is the date: 167 projects at 114 different locations in Bavaria will open their doors for the Architektouren weekend. Among them will be the School Centre plus triple gymnasium on Grandlstrasse, Obermenzing (Munich), planned and realised by Auer Weber. On Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 2 pm and 4 pm, Auer Weber will give a tour of the building and schoolyards together with the landscape architects Keller Damm Kollegen, who are responsible for the outdoor areas. 
On the tour through the lightly-coloured and brightly-lit school buildings of the primary and secondary school, there will be a lot to see and learn - about school architecture, simply structured routes, environmentally-friendly materials, multifunctional areas, new pedagogical concepts, art on the building, child-friendly schoolyards and the connection to the surrounding buildings. 


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