Special German Steel Construction Award 2020 for the refurbishment and extension of the Inselhalle Lindau

The architectural concept envisaged leaving the outdated congress hall clearly recognisable on the outside thanks to its striking roof shape, but adding a "little brother" to it in the roof elevation to accentuate the new foyer. The steel structure for the distinctive polygonal folded roof surfaces was developed together with Stuttgart-based structural engineering firm Boll und Partner.

According to the jury:

"The quality with which the existing Inselhalle has been developed further and made fit for the future is impressive. The good has been preserved and improved, and the less good discarded, revised and supplemented. The big brother has been joined by a little one. The new whole fulfils new functions, fits into the location and the environment, and has grown out of the existing.

In particular, the way in which buildings which at first glance do not seem worthy of preserving have been dealt with here is exemplary. Accepting this complexity and seeking new solutions is one of the essential tasks of the future. When the result is architecture that is both attractive and fits in well in the city, then the renovation and expansion of the Inselhalle is not only sustainable but also visionary."