Sports halls for Adolf-Weber-Gymnasium, Munich

The new building, located in Munich’s district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, replaces the current sports hall which was built in 1965 along with the main building of the municipal Adolf-Weber-Gymnasium.


It accommodates one hall with a single pitch and one with three pitches, as well as a janitor’s apartment, and provides a total of 600 visitors’ stands. The architectural frame for the various activities in the building is defined by three elements placed on top of each other: the sports hall’s volume, lowered into the ground, a transparent volume on the level of the schoolyard, and the volume of the roof. The cube which was cut from the ground corresponds exactly with the height of the roof, which hovers over the hall like on a stratum of air and which comprises, other than the load-bearing structure, all necessary technical devices. A lower training hall at ground level uses part of the roof volume, too.