Youth center in Stuttgart wins a second prize

The new youth center with day care facility for children constitutes a further brick in the urban sustainable development of “Social City Program Hallschlag” (district of Stuttgart). The extant qualities of the present, one-story building in generous green surroundings are intensified. (…) The building is restructured in its eastern part, and extended to the south by the day care center. Following the central idea, “all under one roof”, the new youth center presents itself as a placid and unexcited one-story volume. The continuous all-round cladding of the new façade, with horizontal wooden strips of a slightly / subtly changing coloring and playful floor-to-ceiling openings, is broken up only at the main entrance. This is where the original building’s form language shows, its large characteristic hall now shifted to the center of the house. (…)

 (Excerpt from the competition entry’s explanatory text)