'Zeitzeugen' series in the 'Haus der Geschichte', Stuttgart

How do we want to live, how can we live?  In the house surrounded by greenery, in the new-build settlement, in the housing block? In the countryside, the growing village or the pulsating city? Alone or with multiple generations? How does mass construction become harmful to humans and the environment? How can architects plan for such expectations?

Anonymous investors, self-assured clients, and calculating politicians hire architects. How do they influence their work?

Five big names of the industry are guests to the 'Zeitzeugen' series in the 'Haus der Geschichte': Stefan Behnisch, Regine Leibinger, Fritz Auer, Werner Sobek and Manuel Schupp. Journalist and columnist Susanne Offenbach will be the host - and ask the guests about their ideas and problems, their work and their visions.