Aérolians – two-storey logistics centre

The Aérolians logistics centre is being built on the new leisure and business park not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport. Three structures, which house commercial premises, warehouses and offices, are structured around an inner courtyard. Openings between the individual buildings allow views and passages.


The organisation of the building complex on two levels allows for efficient and diverse commercial use on a reduced floor space. The large storage areas on the ground floor can be accessed by trucks via an internal delivery yard. These are supplemented by additional, smaller commercial units on the level above, which are accessed via a drive-in ramp. A narrow gallery level offers space for offices in the commercial areas of both floors. 


The clarity of the building is reflected in the choice of simple materials. The solid-looking base, clad in wood, opens up to the street side with inviting rooms that can be used as showrooms. The front building at the road intersection will house offices and co-working spaces, as well as rooms for restaurant use. The commercial units on the upper floor are clad in polycarbonate, the lightness of the material allowing for pleasantly diffuse lighting of the premises.

48° 58' 31" N 2° 32' 19" W



Start of construction




Partner architect

DVVD Architectes, Paris


Grand Paris Aménagements, Paris


Foncière Magellan, Paris  
Harbert, Paris

General contractor

GSE, Olivet  

Outdoor facilities/areas

Comptoir des projets, Paris