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Bildungscampus – Canteen

As an important place of communication and learning for all students, the new canteen is located directly at the central campus square – at the intersection of the two axes that cross the Bildungscampus as public car-free spaces. It is an integral part of a newly created topography of two gently rolling grassy hills that serve as open space for relaxation and which are cut into two different-sized halves by a diagonal walkway. From the main entrance located here, students, tutors and external guests enter a subterranean dining hall with seating for around 500, which offers a unique spatial experience thanks to the multiple curved roof shells and the oval courtyard. The fully glazed courtyard facades and the glass facade along the passageway provide a bright interior and enable a variety of visual references between the campus square and the canteen. White walls and ceilings combined with an oak parquet floor create a comfortable atmosphere that helps students learn and work outside of meal times.


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