Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Building 12+13

Institute Building Centre for DHBW CAS and Heilbronn University


In 2016, based on the overall urban-planning concept for the education campus, with two generous open spaces for two different universities, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation erected two structures for the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg and for Heilbronn University. Both buildings are distinguished by three-storey atria, laid out about which are seminar spaces and working areas for students. Three-storey superstructures accommodate the administration of the faculties. With a basic affinity between the materials used, the two buildings are nevertheless differentiated in detail and coloration so that each institute has an unmistakable address.


Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Cafeteria

Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Building 9

Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Building 14, 15, 17

Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Campus Founders

Bildungscampus Heilbronn, Campus Founders