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Bildungscampus – Heilbronn University, Building 12

While this institute building of the HHN shows an unmistakable architectural affinity to the institute building of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University opposite in terms of the L-shaped building form and clinker facade, inside it has a totally individual appearance. In addition to the exposed concrete access core, the light terrazzo flooring and the brightly varnished wooden acoustic walls, the atrium in the centre of the building, which is covered by a large glass roof, is a particularly distinctive spatial feature. The atrium facilitates orientation and serves as a central communication space with high amenity quality. With the help of the meeting and work rooms oriented towards it and glazed to room height, it also makes the activities of students and teachers visible. The three lower floors are primarily lecture halls, seminar rooms and a number of hallways designed as informal learning spaces. The upper three floors of the six-storey building contain the rooms for the administration and teaching staff.


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