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Bildungscampus – Heilbronn University, Buildings 14 and 17

The northern end of the Bildungscampus is formed by two new four-storey buildings connected by a light glass walkway. As with Building No. 12 of the HNN and the Center for Advanced Studies of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, their facades consist of different coloured beige and grey clinker bricks. However, lighter joints and floor-to-ceiling windows give the buildings an independent external appearance. The smaller institute building houses lecture halls, seminar rooms and workrooms grouped around a glass-roofed atrium. The larger building, with two central atriums that bring daylight deep into the building's interior, houses HHN's rector's office as well as a variety of different teaching areas – including a lecture hall with seating for nearly 200, a Harvard-style seminar room, and numerous wide hallways with student workstations. White wall surfaces and lightly glazed wooden acoustic walls form the restrained, elegant background for contemporary learning and teaching.


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