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Bildungscampus – LIV Library

LIV stands for "Lernen. Informieren. Vernetzen." – learn, inform, network. In keeping with this motto and the urban planning goal of an open and permeable educational campus, the library is open not only to students from all institutions on campus, but also to the general public. To emphasise this feature, but also to provide the many work areas with ample daylight, the library has a fully glazed facade that clearly contrasts with the clinker facades of the surrounding institute buildings. The interior of the six-storey building appears equally self-contained. The defining design element is the glass-roofed atrium facing the northern campus square, its curved edges lined with individual workstations. Further workplaces as well as group workspaces, bookcases and an extensive learning world on the 1st floor offer a wide range of learning, information and networking opportunities for around 600 students.


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