Hotel ANA Aurel, Maximilianstrasse in Regensburg

The new hotel building in the "Schäffner Quarter", which is located in the Old Town, protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, unites with the listed historic existing building at Maximilianstrasse 20 to form a joint unit.

The existing building was completely gutted and the front facade, which was to be preserved, extensively renovated. This building now houses the hotel foyer. The new building houses the hotel's dining area, and the upper floors of the building ensemble contain a total of 96 hotel rooms.

The six-storey new building with its light-coloured plaster facade, double-leaf wooden windows and extensive glazing blends in with the existing buildings, and with its architectural and design language as well as its materiality, complies with the strict design specifications laid down in the "Regensburg Old Town Statutes". As part of the redevelopment of the "Schäffner Quarter", Maximilianstrasse will also be upgraded, once again strengthening the connection between the railway station and the Old Town.


49° 0' 0" N 12° 0' 0" W


M22 Grundbesitzverwaltungs GmbH, Regensburg


Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH, Munich
Wittmann Architekturbüro, Regensburg


Roland Halbe