Residential Area Avenariusstrasse Nuremberg

A perimeter block along Rollnerstrasse, Avenariusstrasse and Diltheystrasse defines a protected green inner space, into which both the urban villas and the structures of the neighbouring development to the south are naturally integrated. The quality of the green spaces as well as the permeability of the surroundings are transferred to the district and become the defining theme of the ensemble through a sequence of different green courtyards and squares. 

49° 28' 5" N 11° 4' 59" W


Expected Oktober 2023


Start of construction

End of 2023





Joseph-Stiftung, Bamberg


Outdoor facilities

Realgrün Landschafts-architekten GmbH, München

Structural engineering

C-I-P GmbH, München

Technical equipment (HVS, ELT)

Zickler + Jakob GmbH & Co. KG, München