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General renovation of Münchner Stadtmuseum

The major challenge in the general renovation and conversion of the Münchner Stadtmuseum is reconciling the protection of a historical monument with the future requirements of a modern museum building. The focus is on the respectful handling of the historically evolved existing building and the careful addition of new elements.

The new heart of the ensemble will be the northern inner courtyard, which will be upgraded to a multifunctional museum lobby through the installation of a full-surface glass roof. A new main entrance at Rindermarkt will open up this lobby to the city and at the same time integrate it into the network of paths in the city centre as a public passageway.

The museum's eye-catcher will be a new cube set in the inner courtyard, connected to the existing exhibition areas on the upper floors via walkways. Primarily visible to passers-by on the ground floor will be the cube's metallic shell and graphic LED displays. The redesign of the exhibition areas, with the cube as the new focal point, will enable the flexible spatial and functional reorganization of the museum.

48° 8' 7" N 11° 34' 24" W



Start of contruction







Landeshauptstadt München Baureferat H11, München


Münchner Stadtmuseum, München


Auer Weber, München

Project team
Moritz Auer (partner),
Til Richter (associated),
Markus Randler, Sascha Dehnst (project management), Tiago Alves Machado, Caroline Farjallah, Tania Leutbecher, Niaoniao Li, Friedemann Runkel, Thorsten Schalk, Julia Schmid, Nina Schuberth, Heinz Weidl, Liliana Vieira de Sousa

Competition team
Fritz Auer, Moritz Auer, Philipp Auer, Julia Schmid, Philipp Heussinger, Muzhen Huang, André Pape, Jiequing Zhao

Project control

Diederichs Projektmanagement AG & Co. KG, Munich

Outdoor facilities/ areas

grünhoch4, Munich

Structural engineering

Planungsgruppe Brachmann Ges. für vernetzte Bauberatung mbH, Munich

Technical equipement

Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GmbH, Kirchheim (HVS)

Kofler Energies Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Aschheim b. Munich (ELT)

Bartenbach GmbH, Aldrans/Tirol (lighting design)

Fire protection

Kersken + Kirchner GmbH Beratende Ingenieure VBI, München

Exhibition planning

Atelier Brückner GmbH, Stuttgart