Savings and Loan Bank Solingen

The main bank branch varies in height like the 3- to 5-storey heterogeneous, partly listed surrounding buildings. As a standalone structure it forms the block border, with a five-storey head building marking the interface to Neumarkt. Max-Leven-Gasse is to remain as an alley and only slightly widened to allow sufficiently wide pavements. On the outside, bricks with a consistently bright and warm tone give the building a haptic materiality. The 2-storey customer hall can be viewed from Neumarkt. With its extensive glass roof and visual references to the inner courtyard, it is inviting and friendly, creating a communicative market-like atmosphere.

51° 10' 12" N 7° 4' 53" W




Stadt-Sparkasse, Solingen


Auer Weber, Stuttgart

Project control

Drees & Sommer SE, Köln

Outdoor facilities

Weihrauch+Fischer gmbh, Solingen

Structural engineering

Sommer – Ingenieurbüro Bauwesen GmbH, Solingen

Technical equipment

Bähr Ingenieure GmbH, Köln (ELT)

Bähr Ingenieure GmbH, Köln (HVS)

Building physics

Drees & Sommer SE, Düsseldorf

Fire protection

Mattausch Ingenieure, Essen