Urban Life in the Papierbach Quarter

Situated immediately next to the new footbridge over the River Lech in Landsberg, a compact structure articulated into three layers and visible over a long distance indicates the future Papierbach quarter. The urban focus of this new district will be the cultural centre, which will invite visitors to participate in the events taking place there.

The solid plinth, which houses exclusively public cultural activities, is constructed of pigmented precast-concrete elements. Rising above it, yet sculpturally contrasted with it, is a volume containing dwellings and ateliers for artists. Further public space is created at the junction between these two volumes by a terrace that can be identified specifically with this quarter and that is linked by a generous external staircase with the outdoor area in front. To the east, the terrace opens on to the River Lech and to the town centre of Landsberg. In addition, a stand in the foyer patio, with steps on which one can sit, forms a link with the ground-level events space, so that the entire courtyard, two storeys in height, should become a lively location in summer for festivals and other open-air events.

48° 0' 0" N 10° 0' 0" W

Project developers

Ehret+Klein GmbH


Pro Eleven GmbH


Structural engineers

Michael Heubl Ingenieurbüro for Baustatik GmbH

Mechanical services

INOVIS Ingenieure GmbH


Air conditioning

Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GmbH

Fire protection

Ingenieurbüro Anwander GmbH & Co. KG


Landscape architects

Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur